School Fees
7+, 8+ and 11+ Admissions (Westminster Under School) / +44 (0)20 7821 5788
13+ and 16+ Admissions (Westminster School) / +44 (0)20 7963 1003

The school fees are the same across all of the Under School’s entry points. For details of these fees, please see below. We encourage parents to read all of the information we have provided on this page, as there are additional payments required by the School that applicants should be aware of before beginning the registration process.

Do note that the Governing Body usually reviews school fees for the subsequent year annually by the end of the summer term, for publication in early July. We would, therefore, advise parents to check the website during the summer holidays for an update on the fees for the next academic year.

Fees for 2022-2023
Pupil Years Per Term Per Year
Years 3-4 £7,464 £22,392
Years 5-8 £7,650 £22,950
Fee details

Parents applying to the Under School at any entry point will be asked to pay the following fees as part of the process, all of which are refundable upon request at the start of the academic year after leaving Westminster Under School (if not transferring to Westminster School) or after leaving Westminster School. Find out more about our connection to Westminster School.

  • Registration fee – £150
  • Acceptance deposit for 7+ and 8+ – £1,000
  • Acceptance deposit for 11+ – £3,000

Please refer to the relevant entry page for details of the application process and a registration timeline and, for full terms and conditions, please read the School’s Admissions Policy, via the links below.

Support with fees

Westminster Under School offers Music Scholarships, which are awarded on a strictly competitive basis and parental income is not taken into account. The School also has a system of bursaries, which enables us to offer free places or places at reduced fees to boys who do well in our entrance examinations but whose parents cannot afford the full fees. For further information, please refer to our Scholarships and Bursaries page.

As outlined above, applying to Westminster involves payment of a registration fee, followed by an acceptance deposit if a child is offered a place. Any parent who is applying for a bursary to Westminster for their child, and feels unable to pay one or both of these fees, may also qualify for a waiver when being considered for a bursary.

Find out when your child is able to join the School using the personalised age checker and timeline.

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Westminster School gratefully welcomes donations to support fundraising efforts across the School community.

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