Co-Education and Pre-Prep
Co-education and a School for All Ages

2025 will see one of the most significant and exciting set of changes in the almost 500-year history of Westminster.

Following careful planning over a long period, both Westminster School and Westminster Westminster Under School will welcome girls as well as boys as pupils in all years at both schools.

In addition, we will become a school for all ages, from four to 18, by introducing three new year groups — Reception to Year 2.

To help meet the needs of our changing and expanding school, we also announce the purchase of two significant new buildings, one at each school site.

These significant and historic changes will see:

  • Girls join Westminster Under School in Year 3 from September 2025
  • Our expansion to Reception, and co-educational recruitment into Year 7 from 2026
  • Girls entering Westminster School’s Fifth Form from 2028

In addition, Westminster has purchased two significant new buildings, one at each school, which will form a major part of our plans for co-education and pre-prep.

A School for All

The decision to educate both boys and girls has been taken positively by the School and its Governing Body and is rooted in our desire to enable any child who would flourish here to be able to come. What they will need is a passionate love of learning and the aspiration to pursue that love in a unique school that is both very ancient and deeply progressive. Co-education and expansion are, of course, based on demand — the number of parents, pupils, staff, alumni and interested outsiders asking about this has grown year-on-year. It is also based on a desire fully to reflect the community we serve, and to shape that community in turn by educating brilliant young men and women with a commitment to making a difference.

Timetable for Change

  • September 2025 — Westminster Under School, a 7-13 prep school, will welcome girls for the first time, alongside boys, at age 7 (Year 3).
  • September 2026  — the Under School will then admit girls at age 11 (Year 7). In addition, it will also admit both boys and girls into a brand-new Reception year, consisting of two small classes. This expansion means the Under School will become a 4-13 school, adding Reception, and subsequently Year 1 and Year 2 to the current Years 3 – 8 cohort.Reception, Year 3 and Year 7 will become the only entry points, other than occasional places. From 2026 Year 4 (8+) will no longer be a mainstream admission point.
  • September 2027 — There will be no new changes to recruitment points in this year.
  • September 2028 — Westminster School, a 13-18 senior school, will admit girls into its youngest age group, the Fifth Form (Year 9), as both day pupils and boarders. These girls will join the girls in the sixth form, which has been co-educational for the past 50 years.
  • September 2030 — Westminster will be an all-ages school with girls in every year group, from Reception to Remove.

Full information and Admissions

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