Platform Pups

Platform Pups is the newest strand of Westminster Platform and works with Year 2 pupils from state schools, who are showing potential at key stage 2 but whose teachers think would greatly benefit from the extra opportunity to develop and stretch their fundamental English and mathematical skills.

Every year, Westminster recruits a group of 12 boys and girls, aged between six and seven, to take part in Platform Pups. The group is invited to attend ten Saturday sessions at Westminster Under School to supplement the work they are doing in school. These sessions are led by teachers from Westminster Under School, who volunteer to teach on site using the School’s classrooms and facilities. Parents of former Westminster Under School pupils also provide extra individual reading sessions.

Our aim for Platform Pups

Our aim is to provide pupils with another learning environment where they can grow in confidence, build resilience and further develop academic curiosity.

The Platform Pups curriculum
The English curriculum includes basic language and grammar skills, comprehension tasks and a structured reading scheme. We expect pupils to further develop their composition skills both in speech and in writing. The mathematics curriculum allows pupils to explore in further detail number, measurement, geometry and statistics. There is an emphasis on consolidating their fundamental mathematical skills to help prepare pupils for their Key Stage 2 study.

The resources we provide
We give all Platform Pups a Platform T-shirt and stationery set when they join the programme. We also give them a Maths workbook and a handful of books, which are returned at the end of the course. All Platform pupils have access to the full online Atom Learning package, at no cost to the pupil or family.

After Platform Pups
In addition to providing a space in which pupils can further develop their learning, we also want to present opportunities to think about the variety of educational choices available to them in the future. Should parents of Platform Pups require any advice or resources to help them make a decision about the next step in their child’s education, they can contact the Director of Platform at Westminster Under School; for contact details, please see below.

Dates and times
The programme runs at Westminster Under School, usually on ten Saturdays between January and November, from 11.00am to 12.30pm, at regular intervals during term time. For this year’s dates, please refer to the Dates and Times page.

How to enrol
The School recruits a year ahead of the programme. Please see further information about how to enrol and when our new recruitment window opens.

For information about privacy, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

The welfare and safeguarding of Platform pupils is of paramount importance. All staff involved in Platform have received the appropriate level of training from Westminster School and Westminster Under School. Platform Safeguarding will follow the safeguarding procedures outlined in the Westminster School Safeguarding Policy, which may be downloaded from the Policies and Reports page of the Westminster School website.

Please email Danielle Jones (Director of Platform at Westminster Under School) if you have any questions or you require further information.

Find out More

You can read testimonials from parents of Platform Pups and visit our dedicated news page for updates about the programme.

Find out when your child is able to join the School using the personalised age checker and timeline.

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